Our Application Development Process


Our first step is to understand and internalize the market strategies in play for your application or idea. Our consultants have years of business, usability, and engineering expertise, and we bring all these capabilities to bear when defining and attaining the strongest technological and market position possible to achieve your goals. During the discovery phase, we examine the entire process, from application development to new product launch, to ensure that we’re executing your ideas in the right place and with the right technology.


You can’t get there if you don’t know where you are going. We engage in a rigorous and fluid specification draft effort to document all that we know about the problem space and the implementation of our solution space. We’ll lay out and make a plan for each step of the way, from day one of the new product development through the actual product launch and deployment in the marketplace. But don’t worry, this isn’t a waterfall exercise; unlike a lot of places, our specifications are starting points, not an end-game. Our development methodology allows for frequent, invasive pivots while we sprint to delivery.

Development & Testing

The meat of the effort. With a solid, complete game-plan in hand, our team will divide and conquer, building your solution with transparency and openness. You’re welcome to join us in our stand-up meetings, and we insist on frequent, iterative exchanges as product development progresses. You get to keep plugged in to our execution at every step. This is where FoundElement will leverage our application development expertise with your vision and serve as a true technology partner to help reach the end goals we laid out in the discovery and specification phases.

Release Execution

It isn’t done until it’s shipped. And it doesn’t ship until you release it. Throughout your project you will see our release planners working with you to develop a 360 degree release plan that includes more than just app certification for release via a marketplace. We have the ability to build a full new product launch strategy, complete with communication plans, marketing plans, versioning & patch strategies, maintenance plans, and support mechanisms. We’ll make sure that not only can you release it, but you can, maintain it, support it, and market it – everything you need to monetize it.

We believe in executing every step of your application development with equal care and attention in a transparent and open manner. By the time we’ve reached Release Execution, you’ll find that you’ve made a lasting technology partner in FoundElement, taking it beyond a simple app development experience to a true business partnership for your product.

Are you ready to begin your new product development process? Contact FoundElement today.